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Ubytování 18-20.2.

Jana Matogová, 5. 2. 2022 22:42

Dobrý večer,

bylo by možné ubytovat 3 rodiny ve Vašem penzionu v termínu 18-20.2.?
Ideálně 1x 4 lůžko a 2x 3 lůžko.

Děkuji a jsem s pozdravem,

Jana Matogová

What's your response to guys who say techno music, isn't real music?

mojoheadz, 4. 2. 2022 3:37

Play a basic riff that is catchy and push that song on YouTube and you'll see that hasn't changed at all. It's why people constantly masturbate to stuff like Animals As Leaders. Now you have to play fast and play highly technical stuff that was literally only playable by 2 or 3 players in the world. When Yngwie hit the scene, he was SO GOOD, that people got scared when he showed up either in gigs or auditions, because he was on such a different level, whatever level of mastery you think you had, that guy made you look like a tool.